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Annanya Soni is an actress. She speaks both Hindi and English fluently, as well as basic Punjabi. She has taken numerous courses in Screen Acting, including at NIDA - the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She has a lot of experience acting in print ad campaigns, theatre and short films. She is also Miss India Australia International 2015 and Miss Asia World 2016.

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Miss/Mr/Mrs India Worldwide (Miss India Global) is a International Beauty Pageant, Organized Annually In Australia.

This will be a hunt for title of Miss / Mr / Mrs India Worldwide, where outstanding talent with Indian roots will participate and compete to come out as a WINNER, enabling them to gain confidence and entry to bigger avenues worldwide in the talent and beauty hunt arena.

This contest will be a competition of intelligence, personality and talent which will prove that the Woman and Men of Indian Origin  have the potential to take themselves one step ahead. Our aim is to bring out the hidden talent of the young generation by giving them a platform which will groom and polish the individuals in certain ways to take the challenges in future with much more confidence and power.

Annanya Soni

Our Past Winner - Miss India Australia International

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